Experience Based Learning(EBL) lies at the heart of any enterprise. That means all the non-documented information for downstream or Upstream processes will only be achieved by experience. EBL will be immensely be prerequisite for the solution of any problem in a systematic and unambiguous way. Where do you start and how do you get there? At PRAKASH we continuously work at different problems being faced by Drill Machine User Industry in India and abroad. We have worked on all type of Drilling and related processes like Reaming, Tapping, Counterboring, Countersinking, CounterDrilling, Spot-Facing, Step Drill, Automatic Drilling, Autofeed. We have developed products readily suitable for different industries like, Automobile Industry, Infrasturcture Industry, Defense Industry, Aerospace Industry, Heavy Engineering Industry and many more. We have already developed and further developing CNC Drill Machines, CNC Plate Drill Machines, CNC Tapping Machines, CNC Drilling cum Tapping Machines, Sheet Metal Drilling Machines, Construction Drill Machines. Be in touch with us for any of your Drilling Problem and Solutions.